On change event ....change image


I have only recently found scriptcase but I am stunned by how brilliant it is.

What I was looking to do was to change an image in a shop front based on a customer selection. For example if a customer selects a red jumper from a dropdown I want to display the red jumper on a model.

I have all the images stored in a table against a color will this work? Or what approach do you think works?

I have looked around but cannot find many examples of the action codes.

Any help would be really appreciated

hmmm jumpers and models, interesting! i think once i found something similar using swishMax (long time ago) producing swf flash for a site that you want to match T-shirts or something, how do you think SC can help in this!?

ok, one thing, if you could manage to put your “manikin” design in blank application, i think you can do that by css and variables, but i don’t really see sc suitable for such job… there is no db connection essential here, storing and retrieving data, calculation, summarys, charts, totals… that is where sc power is, i think your issue is related more to design… even if you are planning to use SC for ordering/retional db stuff after chosing the right “jumper”, then i think only blank application with strong javascript (or importing swf perhaps?) will do, but that is my opinion