PDF app BUG - not possible for full line of text?????

hey guys

have a few PDFS created now, some with multiple lines and some with html content, either of which I am unable to achieve a complete line of text,so full width of the PDf.
At moment no matter what I change the content sticks to the side of the PDF and doesnt allow for full width…

Any ideas, help please???

Just to be clear as to what the problems are :slight_smile:

2 Problems - multiline and/or html content in PDF app

1: Content sticks to the side of the PDF, have of course modified the XY with no hope, the multiline/html content literary sticks to the edge of the PDF, no breathing room at all

2: Content isn’t allowing me to change to a complete line of text, so full (or 90% width of page) so I can create PDF letters as an example.

HELP :slight_smile:

Have you tried


Normally the margins are handled automatically, so 0,0 is actually at the left margin.