PDF functions signature or definition

I’m digging into PDF features and ws reading at this : https://www.scriptcase.net/docs/en_us/v9/manual/06-applications/12-reportpdf-application/05-pdf-advanced-settings/
Lots of functions but unfortunately without singatures explanations (parameters, return value, …).
The linkg given to TCPDF website is very confusing and I didn’t find a way to get the description of these functions.
Any idea where these definitions can be found?
Thanks a lot.

TCPDF is a large library an it could take minutes for loading the website.

you can find the function here https://tcpdf.org/docs/srcdoc/TCPDF/source-class-TCPDF/

Thx Kredt_st.
I have looked at tit and yes indeed it takes a few minutes to load :slight_smile:
It will help me.