PHP application size getting very large.

How does the size of my deployed application size is going up to 250MB? I am using scriptcase v6 on a linux machine and I have total 215 forms including security, I don’t have any graphical images in there, database remain separate (for information). My friend told me that they made large projects but none of them goes above 100MB and how my application is going about 250MB surprisingly?

Easy reason: because of the libraries which are installed. Sc doesn’t have a feature to turn the non-used libs off, but puts them all in your application. But that’s a small price for the ease of speed. Webspace is not that expensive any-more but if you know what you’re doing you can exclude the unnecessary libs yourself by deploying locally and then upload only the things you need.

Hi Albert,
First upon thank you for reply, the lib size is 50MB so if we do by your way application size is still 200MB. Is it obvious with sc application?

Are you working with SC7? Then the lib size is at least 100mb. Every form is aprox 150k …

As I mentioned before, I am using SCv6 and my lib size is 50MB (fine) but my form sizes vary depending upon hooks written there in (some are 400K, 210k, even some 500k).

Yes, SC6 sorry for that. But ok, then the applications created in SC are larger than those of your friend. How is your friend creating applications? Other platform, other framework other…? Compairing the uncomparable? Actually I don’t mind the size much although I don’t like the long(er) upload times. In 7 the libs are significantly larger causing the size to increase even more. But after initial upload I only upload the changed modules. But I agree, 250MB sounds much if you have to deploy i.e. on a traditional host. Perhaps SC can bring some light in this. Code will not become smaller in 7 I can assure you.

You are right my friend. Applications must not take too large time to load? I ordered one tablet application and it is taking endless time to upload. i am fed up. is there some way to short the time? I can send you code…

Initially it will take (a lot of ) time because you need to upload the libraries. But after that you only need to upload the changed applications. It depends on your upload speed, but if you do that using i.e. FileZilla you can use your machine for other things meanwhile. I.e. SC development :wink: That’s what I do. I deploy locally first on a local wamp server. That goes fast. Then I test and after that i upload to the production server from there.