Refresh an iframe in a Tab Application with Master/Detail linked application

I have a Tab application that has a form for each component of a recipe file. On the Ingredients form I have a Master and Detail Form ‘Editable Grid View’. From the Editable Grid View the user clicks on an Edit Button which opens a Model form that shows the complete record details. Once updated it closes and returns back to the Master as it should but does not update the iframe in the Editable Grid View. The Editable Grid View form is ‘foirm_IngredientsList’.

The Model form that comes up is called, ‘form_IngredientEditor’. On this form I have a Javascript function;
function reload_iframe() {
document.getElementByID(‘nmsc_iframe_liga_form_IngredientsList’).src = document.getElementByID(‘nmsc_iframe_liga_form_IngredientsList’).src;

Remember above I said that once the update is complete the model form closes. Well the data does get updated like I want in the database, but when I fire either the onAfterUpdate/onAfterInsert events of the form_IngredientsEditor form the Editable Grid View doesn’t update.

The code in the onAfterUpdate/OnAfterInsert is:

$js_function = ‘reload_iframe()’;

Very perplexing. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

Try to use a meta refresh timer instead.