Refresh Grid when New MySQL Value

We use several embedded devices that write to MySql database outside ScriptCase App.
We know that grid refresh may be accomplished by automatic set-up every x seconds on the RAD form or program a refresh button in the application.
The question is:
Does anybody could hint a way to automatically refresh the application grid when a new record arrives to the table?

Not easy as your application has no clue that something is happening in the database. The only thing I can think of is the proces you describe. Other option could be a javascript polling in a way your user will not notify, and use ajax to run a process that investigates the database.

not very easy I think. I would go for your option. More difficult option would be a javascript timer that uses ajax to query a server process that keeps track of the database. But not easy to do in a case tool as SC I’m affraid.

As Albert suggest, you hace 2 ways. An automatic refresh based on timer, or a JS “service” working l with a timer too. If you want real time, check for projects pubnub

Thank you.

Hello electrocoder,
did you solve your issue about refreshing grid by JS instead of using SC refresh time setting ? I got the same problem in container but I need some help … ;-))

I still using SC refresh. I’ll post if find a solution.