reset user password from admin

Hello everybody,

I sorry if my question doesn’t quite belong in this category but i don’t know where else to post it…

What i need to do is find a way to give to administrator the rights to reset a user’s password and than send it back to the user via email.
In the security module there isn’t anything i can use…or at least i didn’t find any! Is there a reset function i can use?? In the “change password” form you can only change your password, not the one of an other user, and in the “edit users” form the admin can’t reset the password…but only create a new user and give it a password. Is it the only way to my purpose??

Looking forward to some ideas…

thanks in advance

The fastest way is to… generate it by Scriptcase. Just select the table and create a grid/form combination. If you reset the password then you can use onafterupdate to send the notification by email to the user. There’s a standard macro to send email. Be aware that the security module is just a raw template, you can change/modify and ajust functionality anyway you like. Hope this helps.

I did try this way, and it is a solution…but it’s not what my costumer wants :frowning: the form there doesn’t let you change some users password, but only to delete it and them create a new one and setting to it the new password. I showed this as a temporary solution to my client…but i will need to find a way to actually reset password :confused:

Anyway thanks for replying, you ensured that my idea was somehow right :slight_smile: All the best

I still stay with my solution. You need to adjust code to do what you want. You can create a form to change password. In the events you can send an email with the password to the person (if email is known) and store the new password (in MD5). You even can create something to allow the user to pick a new password after login the first time. Just add a 'passwordreset’boolean field to the database and adjust login code. After onvalidateok, you test this field to redir him to change password etc.

It just requires you to add some php, but I’m pretty convinced that you can solve your issue this way. But it is not standard functionality in sc.