Responsive Template for SC8

Hello to all forum, I’m looking for a responsive template that works well both on
mobile phones and tablet and PC, to be integrated to a website created with SC8.

It is very difficult to integrate a responsive template in an application written in sc8 ?
If someone can give me some information.
Many thanks for a response.

[QUOTE=multisystems2;39858]Hello to all forum, I’m looking for a responsive template that works well both on
mobile phones and tablet and PC, to be integrated to a website created with SC8.

It is very difficult to integrate a responsive template in an application written in sc8 ?
If someone can give me some information.
Many thanks for a response.[/QUOTE]

Afaik the latest version 8 templates are all responsive. But I must admit, I have never checked.

Aducom Thanks for your answer, I have licensed Script Case 8.1, I tested the standard templates provided with the 'latest version of Script houses, I have done many tests with tablets and mobile phones, but are not perfect, I would buy a template and I would just understand the difficulty to integrate it in the Script homes or if someone had done.
Thank you.

Another quick solution I’m looking for would be that someone reading this post already has a template ready to sell for Script Case 8.1, I can buy the template. Thank you.

Mobile templates should be offered by NeyMake. Basic in standard version and some extra could be offered as an extra buy. The wors problem is that company is not really open to external SC add-ons. No documentation and no hook pints in the software itself. For example code base (right panel) could be significantly extended if users have an ability to add their source code examples, libraries. Same case for the templates, language files.

AT THIS STAGE SC IS VERY ENCAPSULATED PRODUCT AND not ready FOR ANY TYPE OF EXPANSION BY 3RD PARTY VENDORS AND DEVELOPERS. We are waiting for some changes in company policy for few years and so far I do not see it going in the direction most users would expect.


Arthur Thanks for your response, I since I entered this post, I tried to integrate a template bootstrap and parallax in my application created with SC8, unfortunately known that for some parts it is practically impossible to integrate the template, because some internal functions SC8 to not allow it.
I tried to modify directly on the source code generated by ‘SC8 application, in this case it is possbile to the’ integration, but there is a big problem, you just change the 'application to SC8, it should again be made to hand all the changes. This involves a considerable loss of time.
It would be much better than the same Netmake, sold separately templates.
Hello to all forum.

I think NetMake did a wonderful job, unfortunately the main problem that limits me in the ‘use of SC8 are models for mobile template.
I think it is very urgent for NetMake intervene very quickly to integrate or sell separately efficient templates for the mobile world.
I’d pay to have templates for Mobile efficient.
I recently have recommended it to several of my friends’ s use of SC8, almost all the people I had that answer did not use their own SC8 to the limitations of the mobile template.
I’m sure if NetMake integrate templates Mobile efficient, would sell a lot more.

Hello, here are few links of website where you can find responsive templates which may work on mobile phones as well as tablets.


Thanks very much Yogeshpix, but the problem is not finding the template responsive, but the question was how to integrate the template in SC8 ??

I just created a new project with SC v8.1
Tired to open it on my phone - LOOKS TERRIBLE! it seems like none of the Responsive Design in SC8.1 works. I do not know what kind of job Net Make has done with the mobile implementation but I see it is not working for me (I’m using phone with Andorid KitKat).


[B]Just a test


I don’t know your project, but I have recently created one using a 8.0 theme and to be honest, it works great and well. Both on Android 4.2 as IOS (IPhone).

Albert, will you share the details with us?

And do you think the developers of ScriptCase will soon create a version that dynamically, before files are generated, offers a selection of frameworks first, such as Foundation, Bootstrap, JS Query with Styling files?

And at any time the features that are native to the framework, or that can be added by a JS file, can be selected before Re-Generating the application files?

Thank you!

Well to share, the only thing I did was to setup the mobile menu which is a separate tab. After that it worked well and nice. But only on a V8 theme. Be aware that you have to take the small screen into account if you use broad grids. But besides that the application looked smooth and neat.

I also have that same question. It is extremely difficult to integrate a Script-case form into a Joomla Bootstrap template. As the screen gets smaller the form overflows the borders. Look unprofessional and the Public moans about its mobile compatibility. Can Script-case Urgently look at the Bootstrap and J-Query integration?

Hello everyone, last year I developed a project in sc8.
Before my customer wanted only the version for desktop, in December asked the mobile version, initially I tried to use the template SC8 mobile, but unfortunately they are not exceptional and they have many problems in terms of graphics and aesthetics, the template SC8 Mobile not responsive to 100%.

In the end I had to rewrite almost all the code for the version Mobile, I rewrote effective menu for mobile 100% responsive, all Grid Pictures and Video I have rewritten from 0.
In a few words SC8 for Mobile version I kept only some form.
This is a big problem most customers require effective mobile version.

In all cases SC8 Netmake is very powerful for the DeskTop version, lacking only a mobile version.

It is not a problem of costs, if Netmake sells an efficient version of SC8, I would buy immediately.

I hope Netmake is working for a new mobile version efficient and that it is responsive to 100%.

The reason why I wrote almost all the mobile code is because the tablet Netmake force a DeskTop version, in this case the ‘’ application is virtually unusable, huge problem is also the sc8 fonts that do not adapt to the various mobile devices.

I forgot, also APP tabs I had to completely rewrite because the SC8 version is not dynamic.

Mmmm, I wrote a mobile application which is responsive and works well. But you have to use the SC8.x themes for that. The older themes are not responsive. Also you need to apply the mobile menu, I tend to forget that sometimes.

Hello Aducom, I used the new themes of SC8, but they are very limited, now customers are demanding much more layout such as bootstrap.
Even the menu is very limited on mobile, tabs are not dynamic, etc…
In all cases I really like SC8, I have tried many systems development for the Desktop Applications SC8 is the best, unfortunately I had to rewrite several parts for mobile applications.