Save Grid Feature Not Working

Hi everyone! I’m using Scriptcase 9 and am trying to use the save grid feature. .

When I enable the feature is does put a save button on the grid toolbar which opens a div which has an add new button and a cancel button. When I click the add new button, it does nothing. A JS function is called that isn’t defined nm_new_grid(). I have found the PHP file for this feature and it contains a large section of javascript that is not found anywhere in my page when I do a view source in the browser.

I can’t seem to find anyone talking about this feature and the documentation is rather sparse. Has anyone used this feature and figured out how to implement it? Is this just not fully completed yet?

Thank for your help!

Hi, I’m in the same situation as you. I want to use this functionality, but there is no documentation.
Someone who can help us?
Thank you.

I actually found a bug in their javascript ajax_control function with a misplaced semicolon. However the the latest update that was released last Friday fixed the bug. If you upgrade SC it should fix it.