sc_exit() - Weird behaviors

I have the latest version of Scriptcase (v9.00.0023) installed. I wanted to create a Form that allows a selection and when you close it the application exits back to the Scriptcase IDE. I decided to remove all buttons from the Toolbar and create my own as “Button_Exit” and use PHP for the code.

I added the code: scexit(); to the button. When clicked the button does indeed close the application as I want, however, I noticed that it spawned a new instance of Scriptcase almost like I was opening Scriptcase from the login screen and wanting me to select a Project. I still had my origical Scriptcase tab open with some application tabs open that I was working on.

I closed the newly spawned Scriptcase and went back to the open applications in the IDE that I was working with and noticed that each of the applications actied weird like they were not all there. I could not close some of the apps right away. This is really weird. I had to close out the browser window that was originally opened and start fresh.

I didn’t really gen any error messages either. Is this a possible bug? Anyone else experience these issues?

Hi JaunLukePicard. Check sc_exit macro parameters in documentation →

OK. I will double-check. Thank you!