ScriptcaseV8 does not bring table fields while creating a new project

I installed the new ScriptcaseV8 on my Mac and everything works up to the point where I needed to create a new project with a Grid of any other Form. I selected the only connection available (PDO MySQL) and the table, however, the fields are not shown inside the SQL Select Statement * box, only the word undefined appears, therefore does not let me proceed, instead, it gives me the following message: Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_convert_encoding() in /Applications/NetMake/v8/wwwroot/scriptcase/devel/lib/php/ on line 5586. I get the same error message whenever I try to access other DB’s from the same o new connections. I did not have this problem with V7. Can someone guide me as to what setting I have to change. Thanks

Art, I will check that problem with out dev team and I will reply back to you, ok?

hi Art, i wanted to suggest to create a new app from scratch and start over, but you seems you deal with v7 already so you know it well, could you try to update your version to 8.005 (latest till now) MANUALLY after backing up your work, then try again… i have many issues with sc8 but didn’t face this one!