Setting the deployment database when you cannot access it from the development system

Hopefully this is a simple fix else I’m screwed.

I am developing a system on my local system with a MySQL database. The deployment system is on another site. All is well and I can even FTP the applications to the deployment system.

The problem is the MySQL settings need to be different on deployment machine. The database name and the tables are identical but the access hostname is different. If I try to create another connection, which I have called “remote-deployment” then the create fails as ScriptCase insists on testing the database access first.

I need to be able to set the deployment database connection settings “blind”.

Now, in other systems I have used, the database connection is stored in the system somewhere. Does ScriptCase work that way? If so, where is it stored? Ideally, I don’t want to be hacking files on the remote deployment system as a quick FTP and user restart works a treat for updates. I need the database connection in the deployed package to be for the remote system when I send it.

Any ideas how I do this?

David Goadby, North Wales

When you deploy your application to “production” you will need to configure by accessing the production site. You do this by going to:

This will bring up the configuration window within SC. You’ll want to change the default master password as well or someone might hack your site and reconfigure it.

There is a reference to what I’m explaining in their help site: