Strnage bug: "Undefined property" when passing parameters to custom PHP functions

Hello there,

I still use Scriptcase 6, I hope someone can help me.
I am working on a Grid application and I do some pre-processing on my database, before reading data from the table to visualize.
This preprocessing is started in event “onApplicationInit”, where I call a custom PHP function, which I declared under Grid Applications “Programming” section.

I declared some function attributes, which I pass as parameters to my function (which again will call nested functions), but for some reason some of the variables are not correctly passed:
Upon execution Scriptcase throws an error:
“Undefined property: Grid_TempTable_WonDrawLostPerLeague_ini::$season”
“$season” is the parameter I pass.

This is really annoying, since it avoids my further development.

$season is a local variable. I have no idea what you are calling exactly but you can always use a global variable…