V9.7.019 prameter problems

Since version 9.7.019 there are problems with parameter transfer in newly generated applications.
The application works in development - but not in production.
It looks like the methods changed with prameters in SC 9.7.019.
Libraries are same. PHP.INI is an older one in production.

It is dramatic because it is a big problem in production!
Note: It only affects the newly generated applications!

Hi @Klaus_Falke

Can you give us an exemple of parameters that aren’t working?


Hi Roberto;

The value disappears in Nirvana since the last updates of v9.7.019.
I am an experienced programmer and only wanted to make visual changes, but unfortunately I had previously updated to the latest SC improvements.
Pls see attached the pictures to illustrate.
There must be done from SC made some modifications in global parameter handling. All previously generated runs okay.

Thanks & Regards,



try using sc_redir and pass parms to the next object.

Thanks for the workaround. I will try!
But SC 9.7.019 has a general problem with global variables.

It sounds like a browser cache problem.
Did you try to clear the cache of the browser or use Incognito mode ?

Hi, @Klaus_Falke

About the problem itself, what happens is that you can’t see the field link in the generated application?

It’s interesting to do as @maxi mentioned.

Clear cache and try in incognito tab.

If it still doesn’t work, let us know here, please.

Thanks for the idea!
But I got same global parameter problem with sc_redir.

Thanks maxi, but this could not solve the general problem on a linux OS production environment.

Thanks Roberto for asking!
I do a dowgrade to version 9.7.18 together with João Pedro today. We generate under this version and move it to production (a linux OS environment).
Then he can report to the SC development department.

Do you want to make a zoom sesion, maybe can help. My email es ceo@edifact.com.mx

Yes, we can do this on Friday. I send you a Zoom invitation.


No solution for the parameter problem, but a workaround!

1. In development everything works fine and looks like (picture 1).

2. In production at Strato AG with a Linux system, it looks like this after the workaround
(picture 2).

3. Old master/detail applications work normally and look like this (picture 3).

The workaround is because absolute no global parameter got posted to the detail application.
Nothing of these parameters will arrive to the detail application (picture 4 and 5).

So the behavior is different to other older applications in production at Strato AG with a Linux system.

The workaround with an additional strange thing:

I have set the relevant parameters extra with an Ajax Event (see picture 6).

An additional strange thing in Ajax Event was, that I could select available hidden fields in the record but were not really effective and had von value. So the parameter in Ajax Event containing only values if you make the field displayed (picture 6 and 7). UID is the displayed field of “unternehmens_id”.

In the detail application I had to simulate the normal going back to the overview application
(picture 8).

(Read always the meaningful file name text of the pictures!)

That other old applications work fine in production at Strato AG with the Linux system that shows you that it is logically not only a problem of the environment in production (older master/detail applications then would not work as well – but they still work).
This is a problem of the new generator as well. See again an old application in contrast to the new workaround (picture 3 and 4).

Please find attached 8 pictures and the diagnostic file from production as PDF.

The real solution has to come from ScriptCase developer!

6_workaround_one 7_workaround_two