where is the sc team???

sorry for the outburst, but I have been paying for gold support for years, now I am 5 days ago I opened a ticket for export problems with excel and I have not yet had an answer.
what am i paying to do? lately the sc team has disappeared?

I am not a support paying so I don’t expect responses either sometimes the day after sometimes I never get them. The product is great but the lack of support kind of kill things paying or not paying input and suggestions for improvement of the product come from both sides.

I think I reall deciding not to pay because of the lack of responses but yea I also can’t afford it.

Support has always been something ‘special,’ but if you’ve paid for support than you should get what you’ve been paying for. I advise to use the chat system of Scriptcase. You get directly into contact with Scriptcase sales and demand support or refund.

21 days after my request.

Hello Sir,

I’m sorry for the delay and for all these problems that you faced. This problem has been handled by another team to look for this possible bug.

But, this is not a Scriptcase bug. When exportation occurs to Excel, the Scriptcase needs to fill the cell, because that’s the excel behavior. And in this case, the Scriptcase fill these repeated values with zeros.

If you need assistance with another matter, we’ll be glad to help you.

Best regards,

Matheus Nic?as
Scriptcase Support

this is the support response after 21 days!

[SIZE=14px]only to report that 3 months later my bug is still open and nothing has been done to solve the problem!! the behavior of the SC team is getting ridiculous![/SIZE]

[SIZE=14px]only to report that 4 months later my bug is still open and nothing has been done to solve the problem!![/SIZE]

It seems SC is not around most of the time. Before update came often, now very rarely.


It’s the same story every time they are working on a new version. All resources go into that. Just after release they are here now-and-then. But besides that… This is a user forum, not a formal support forum. Need support? You need to buy tickets.

sorry but I specified that I have a gold contract and it is absurd not to have answers after 5 months!

SC TEAM Must know about of Errors reported by users.

Sorry, missed that point. Awful! have no words…

Hello World! Test message!

hi my prebolema after 9 months has NOT been solved yet, I have updated everything to version 9.4 but nothing. it is a ridiculous thing, they told me 6 months ago that they had found the problem but they still haven’t solved it, obviously I didn’t renew the support anymore because it’s useless!

and what is your problem?

keep bugging them with emails!!

do you have a email of bug team?


thanks for the email, I sent the request now look. however the support has been in charge of my problem for 9 months.

after having written the email and insisted with my request through the assistance software, they replied to update me to version 9.4.13 which would have solved. I did the update but the problem is the same as before!!! the problem have 9 months.