Can not export to PDF (error 404)

I have an issue exporting PDF file in my production server LINUX UBUNTU18. I do not have this issue on my development server WINDOWS 10.

When I export a grid or a form to PDF then click on VIEW I got an error 404 that the pdf file does not exist (see attachment STEP2). Even though SC shows the following message “PDF GENERATON FINISHED” (SEE ATTACHMENT STEP1)

I can download the PDF file then open it but I can not view it. Because of that issue I can not also email PDF file via the application. The email is sent with no attachment.

When I browse to the linux server with WINSCP I do not see the PDF file in the tmp folder (see attachment STEP3)

By the way I do not have this issue when I export to EXCEL. I can view & download EXCEL and also email EXCEL file via the application.

Can anyone assist me with that issue?
Many thanks.

You should do a search for this problem in the forum, there are many discussion about this problem


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Many Tks for your reply.
I am posting below the solution that help me fix the issue.
error al exportar a PDF Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while try