When Will PHP v8.0 be supported?

Just wondering if a timeline has been set for PHP 8.0 Support. PHP 7.4 works fine for my purposes, but I have customers who are asking about 8.0 support so they can upgrade PHP with their linux distributions.


Coming soon with the new release 9.7

Are you sure? Netmake told you it will be supported by the next release?

Hi, marcosc. They did not tell me, but it’s obvius. The 7.3 actual version is supported until Dec 6 2021


They could support 7.4 and not 8.0.
7.4 will have security support until Nov 28 2022.
But I hope you’re right.

@robydago It’s possible but What would you do? I always hope for the best!

often what is taken for granted for us is not for Netmake!
Gbillot3 you are junior member anyone who has known the product for 10 years like me has seen absurd things!

@marcosc I am Junior member in this forum but working with SC since 2015. I know that, but the last upgrade of PHP was from 7.0 to 7.3
If I am going to upgrade, I prefer to do the work once to 8.0 version.
Will see.

I’ve had contact a while ago and 'they are working on it. Not to be negative, but I don’t have a good feeling about that. As soon as the release comes out it will be unstable for at least a couple of months. That is why they are already too late with the upgrade. But I can see that it is an extensive task as there are breaking changes in the legacy code that has been written for PHP version 5 which is now deprecated. The same goes for all the procedures you have written in events. It all will take time, which IMHO needs to be done before php 7.3 goes end-of-life. For me, that will be a challenge, even if it comes out today.

The last update was July 27th. Before that it was every 1-2 weeks. Not encouraging.

The one every 1-2 week updates are always very minor.

It’s normal that they take much more time for a major update.

But as aducom wrote, major updates always take months to become stable on the NetMake side and then some time is needed on our side, depending on the complexity of our projects, to test and eventually fix what the new version brakes.

So I already know that there’s no way I’ll be able to deploy in production a new major version before the end of the year, even if this new update was released today.

Fortunately, we haven’t encountered many issues if you run the application under PHP 7.4, even if you have to apply (so far) minor changes. But it all depends on the way you are using the features of Scriptcase. @robydago, I hope this is the case for you too. At the university I work for, there is an absolute no-go for end-of-life environments. If gives you some time to migrate as PHP 7.4 is eol at the end of 2022.

New version will not have PHP 8 but apps can we work with. A guy of SC confirmed. They are working on it but for next release.

Actually that is bad news.

Hi, today on the spanish presentation confirmed PHP 8.0 for the next version 9.8 coming soon. Actual 7.3 continous till then.

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